Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2013, Samantha Neyland

Watch Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2013, Samantha Neyland VDO above

Miss Hawaii USA pageant directors Eric Chandler and Takeo Kobayashi want you to meet their new Miss Hawaii Teen USA 2013 Samantha Neyland. In four months Samantha has gone from a shy and inquisitive young contestant to a comfortable and natural on stage pageant winner. This is due in large part to the educational training that the young ladies get when they enter this pageant. They practice interview skills, attend hula lessons, are coached in fashion and makeup appearance, and make several community appearances where they answer on stage questions similar to being in the actual pageant. If you are a young woman who would like to improve these skills, please contact Eric Chandler at 2 Couture fashions of Honolulu to enter next year's pageant. This is perfect preparation for anyone looking to enter the commercial broadcast world as a career.

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